Jul 29, 2016

Heavy Breathing

Obviously my weight being so high right now is a health issue in and of itself.  The pressure on my organs and joints is taking it's toll.  Beyond that, though is the inflammation.  I have terrible arthritis in my right ankle (because when I broke it in three places it dislocated, and then the hospital relocated it and then re-dislocated it.  My surgeon says each dislocation was like a decade of wear on my ankle joint.) and even worse arthritis in my left knee (I already had some arthritis in my knees, and now that I favor my left ankle so much my left knee really takes a beating).  I also have lots of itching, the odd welts I mentioned in my last post, odd brown patches forming on my face, I think I am developing skin tags on my neck, and I had a few days of asthmatic drama earlier this month.

Not good.

Meanwhile, my coworker (who is also one of my very best pals) was also complaining of feeling like crap and commented, "I should do a whole 30".

Considering that I lost almost a hundred pounds before with a Paleo approach, and considering that the Paleo diet is naturally pretty anti-inflammatory and would probably really help a lot of my issues, and because of course I want to be supportive and to be supported and keeping each other inspired and on task is a great way to boost accountability, I immediately said yes and suggested we prep over the weekend and start on Monday, since it's the first.

So Monday will be day one of a Whole 30 for my two sista coworkers, my husband, my nineteen year old son (who needs to drop twelve pounds to be considered for the Air Force) and myself.

I will continue to count WW points throughout the month, as I am down 14 pounds so far.

Today was day four of the thirty day exercise challenge I am doing via Betty Rocker.  It's just fifteen minutes a day, but there's a lot of ass kicking in that quarter hour.  I honestly have to modify almost everything and even so I still struggle to keep up - but at the end of fifteen minutes I am sweating and heavy breathing.

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At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I'm going to check out Betty Rocker. Love that name. Skin tags are really nothing according to my dermatologist. She said just use a string to cut them off. She burned a few of mine off while she was doing something else. Will be going mostly Paleo starting Monday in solidarity with you.